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Kendra w.
Life changing

My husband is a mega snorer and I am a super light sleeper. I am managing to fall asleep and stay asleep no worries at all. It’s a win win for me.

Maria T.
Noise protect ear buds

I wear these in bed to protect me from noise nuisance. They are the most comfortable I have ever used and I’ve been using them for over 20 years. They keep out sound so much that I even slept through fire engines going to the road behind me, not sure if that is good or not. I’ve bought 2 pairs as I don’t want to get caught out without them. I would definitely recommend them.

Jan W.
Excellent product

By far the best ear plugs I've bought. They are not only comfortable enough to wear all night through but actually do the job of significantly reducing noise.

neil d.
Excellent hearing protection

My daughter can sleep now
We have extremely noisy neighbours and this is the first time in a few years she has had days and days of good sleep

Mrs K.
Earplugs saved my marriage!

The best money I’ve ever spent. Blocks out the noise and let me have the best nights sleep I’ve had in months!

Sarah A.
For sleeping

When these are inserted properly, they are the best ear plugs I've used for sleeping. I have to push them in quite deep so they don't fall out and being a side sleeper, I find them a bit uncomfortable. I'm yet to fall in love with them but happy to persevere.

Paul B.
Side Sleeper

I Googled the best ear plugs for people who sleep on there side and bollsen came up as number 1, so decided to give them a try, I have tried plenty of other brands and they all tend to hurt my ears as the night goes on, bollsen are soft and really comfortable and easy to put in and remove, I live in an apartment on a main road and have struggled sleeping with the noise, but not now I love these ear plugs 10 out of 10 for me

Kirsty R.

As expected, they do the job exactly as I need. I can still hear the snorning, but not enough that I want ti kill him! 🙂

Jayne L.
Help against snoring husband

They are a bit uncomfortable at first, but they mould to your ear after a few uses. I wear them all night every night. They block out husbands snoring and I actually am sleeping better generally. I have also purchased anti snore pillow at same time which is also a help. Would recommend if any noise is keeping you awake. I was getting desperate and they have been a life saver for me, as laying awake all night is no fun for anyone

Samantha B.
Great ear plugs if you need to sleep during days.

If you need to sleep during daylight and live close to a train station, these earplugs are probably for you.
It is easy and straightforward to use, the earplugs are soft, reusable and come with an extra pair to adapt to your ear.
Bonus point to the little capsule that allows you to store your earplugs and bring them anywhere you want.

Hayley P.
Wonderful product

For reasons I won't go into I have to sleep on a futon in the living room / kitchen. Being quite a light sleeper the noise of the fridge freezer was interfering with my sleep but these wonderful little ear plugs have allowed me to sleep for longer and I awake feeling rested every morning. I even put them in sometimes when I'm awake if the kids are not playing nicely!

Rosalind M.
Good Product

Very comfortable to wear and do let in a bit of noise which in most cases work well; the just do not block out very loud snoring Delivery was prompt and well informed

Music SoundPRO
Jacqueline L.

Would advise anyone with tinnitus to try these, helps baffle the noise by 70% in my case. Great sleeping plugs and brilliant ones for loud music. Very impressed for something so simple!

Janie R.
Not as advertised

I bought these after a lot of research in the search for something that would block out my partner’s snoring. When I tried them they barely blocked out normal sounds and I realised they were not what I’d expected. Also I have different sized ear canals, one being slightly smaller than the other. So as one earplug fitted, the other didn’t. The search continues!

Life changed.

I have suffers from a sore knee, calves and back for 6 months due to being forced to wearing workman boots, did my research bought your product, now instead of living In pain, I live with my inner soles and a big smile, life is good, thank you from the bottom of sole

Carol B.
Total noise blockout

Best earphones to block out noise I’ve ever had. Can’t even hear my husband snoring next to me!!

Hayley H.
Saved my sanity

I moved houses 3 doors down from a church, that rings it’s bellls ever 15 minutes in increasing incriminates, I thought because of the noise act , they would have to stop through the night , how wrong can you be , after many night sat up in tears as I could not take it any more and it’s not like you can take a nap in the afternoon same problem , these have saved my sanity as I can sleep all night , I don’t know how they work they drown out church bells but I can still hear my alarm! I will make sure I never run out of these , thankyou so much for these wonderful ear plugs


Bought these earplugs as my husbands snoring is horrendous! Hadn’t slept together for months , put the earplugs in and lthey are brilliant. Slept together for last week without any problems. Would highly highly recommend.


Although I thought I had ordered only one pair of insoles Bollsens charged (and sent) me two pairs. Fair enough, it was probably my error but one was the wrong size. After I got in touch they immediately sent me the correct size, BEFORE I even sent back the wrong pair. Service like that is superb (and very unusual). It renews my faith in human nature.

William W.
Bollsen great product

I do a lot of swimming, and hadn’t really found anything on the market that I could use with confidence, until I purchased the Bollsen ones, not cheap but certainly worth it, the best I’ve ever had, easy to fit inside the ear, nothing gets through excellent product.

John W.
Very effective

I have been using Bollsen Hearing Protection to reduce noise from my wife’s snoring. They are comfortable to wear and are effective, allowing me to get undisturbed sleep. However, when I reordered more hearing protection, they came with another aluminium container and I thought that was unneccesary. In my opinion, reorders should be offered, without the case, and thereby reduce the cost.

Great product - Life +

Do exactly what they say on the tin and arrived speedily too.
As a side sleeper I was struggling to find ear plugs to cut out partners snoring. I also have quite a small head (adult but can wear hats quite comfortable for 4-6 year olds!) and ear canals, so lots of things are quite big and generally uncomfortable for using while sleeping.
These are great, for me I do notice there in and have to adjust my sleeping position very slightly (I have to sleep with a hand between my temple and pillow to prevent pressure on my ear), however this is insignificant to past ear plugs I have tried - I can sleep in them without pain, if my hand moves once asleep it does not wake me up, I just notice getting off to sleep mild discomfort (pressure) which means I am able to sleep and the most comfortable I have found!
In terms of their important function they are brilliant; I do not hear the snoring but have woken for the alarm every time. A great product, and would suggest if you have an average head size this will be little miracles!
I have been so impressed that I am considering buying the made to measure ones.

Karan T.
Satisfied customer

My ear plugs arrived really quickly especially being ordered less than a week before Christmas so cannot fault the service.
The ear plugs are effective, cutting out about 90% of my husband’s snoring. However I did find them to be too long for my small ears and have had to trim them down as they have a sort of tail which if I lay on my side, it was pushing them further into my ears making them quite uncomfortable. This has worked.
I would therefore purchase again and recommend them.

Ben H.
Block out sound very well, really sore to sleep with

They do a very good job at blocking out the sound, so much so that all you can really hear is your blood pulsing through your veins!

However, for me they are really sore to have in my ears whilst sleeping. I'm a side sleeper, that might be why. I want to use them all the time, the reality is I can only use them for a short period in the morning when everyone else is making a racket!

They work really well, and was hoping to sleep with them in through the night, really disappointed because I bought 3 of them. Giving 3 stars because they block the sound tremendously well.

Laura B.
Quite good

I work night shifts and as my bedroom is next to the bathroom and above the kitchen, I struggle with household noise. In terms of noise blocking these are a bit better than the foam ones I use, but not sure if they’re better than the silicone ones... I also am a side sleeper and find it irritating when they brush on the pillow as this creates it’s own noise! I think they’re good value as they’re washable/reusable, but in terms of comfort and noise blocking I don’t find them much superior to other earplugs.