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Welcome to the quiet world of BOLLSEN® Hearing Protection! We are a 100% family  owned and fast-developing company that exists since 2016.

BOLLSEN® Vision statement: To become a global, C02-neutral company that helps improving lives with the use of technology”


We provide variety of models of high quality hypoallergenic earplugs, made of soft medical silicone, that can be used for vast specter of occasions: for a better sleep, calm work environment, to preserve your hearing during concerts, etc. Besides sustainable earplugs we also provide finest insoles that come in many sizes and are designed for all kinds of shoes, helping release the pain in feet, legs and back. At BOLLSEN®, we believe that a combination of “Calmness & Technology” improves the quality of life of the individual. This is especially important in an increasingly fast-paced world. We help improve daily life of our costumers while helping to preserve the nature with our eco-friendly products.



The idea of helping people reach comfort, peace and silence in a hectic and fast-changing world saw the day in 2016. After tens of hundreds of tests done by independent German testers, first BOLLSEN® earplugs were born. Made of soft medical silicone, BOLLSEN® ear plugs are reusable, which helps reduce waste and is a step forward in our participation of preserving the nature.

BOLLSEN® Mission statement:“To provide much needed calmness in the frenetic world while striving for environmental sustainability.”


After the foundation of BOLLSEN® company and interaction with our costumers through their feedback about our products, our team has faced the first challenge. Even though 85 % of our costumers were satisfied with the standard size of earplugs, we wanted to do more than that. We wanted to provide earplugs that fit to everyone, no matter the size or shape of ear canal. Today, we can proudly say we are the first company that developed AR KI TECH online ear measuring service which determines the right size of earplugs based on the pictures of our customers’ ears. Our own unique recipe to ensure that every costumer finds the right product for their ears.

In October 2021, our BOLLSEN® Hearing Protection has passed to the 3rd generation of earplugs. This results in a brand new shape of our earplugs which are now even easier to insert and more comfortable to use. New, conical shape of the plugs imitates the ear canal and is perfect especially for those who sleep on a side. As of recently, fresh shape of our BOLLSEN® earplugs has been officially certificated by World Intellectual Property Organisation and we’re proud to state that a patent for a new, original and ornamental design was appointed to us by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.  



Everyone can find something for themselves at BOLLSEN®, regardless of age, gender or nationality. Customer feedback is highly appreciated and always welcome. We ensure that constructive criticism is always welcomed and taken in account while coming up with new ideas or changes for our products.


We acknowledge that clean and waste-free environment is crucial for our well-being. As we are all responsible for the future of our planet, BOLLSEN® team is working consistently and at high pressure to reduce its ecological footprint as much as possible. We are striving to become a CO2-neutral company by 2025. Alternative packaging solutions are currently being tested intensely and we will continue to focus on innovative reusable silicone products.


  • Customers’ well-being & Satisfaction
  • Courage & Transparency
  • Constructive error culture & Innovation
  • Open-mindness & Receptiveness to new ideas
  • Respectiveness to different cultures, languages and nationalities


Costumer support

At BOLLSEN®, we believe that a fast, efficient and customer-friendly customer care is key to our success. We highly value our costumers and are available for all questions, concerns and demands regarding our products. We are constantly trying to improve the range of our products based on the feedback we receive from our costumers. Feel free to contact us at support@hearing-protection.com

Web Development Team

Young team of developers at BOLLSEN® is responsible for creating new websites for different markets all around the globe. Besides ensuring that our e-stores are easy to navigate, our developers are also responsible for our websites’ performance and capacity.

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