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We all know it – the endless search for the best product at the best price. It is the combination of excellent customer service and unique performance. For decades, we have tested a wide variety of products every day and after countless attempts, we have developed the perfect earplugs for swimming, which are one of the best-selling earplugs for snoring in Europe.

  • Cross-product test winner in the category “Earplugs for swimming”.
  • The best wearing comfort in the swimming pool or in the seadeveloped for daily use with a long service life.
  • The Watersafe+ model is easy to wear, especially when jumping off a swimming block .
  • Their biggest advantage – the earplugs are easy to insert and fit in the ear very well. Due to the soft medical silicone they are quickly adapted to the auditory canal.
  • They keep water out of your ears very well. Especially when snorkelling or diving
  • The material is made of tested medical silicone and is free of BPA, PVC, plasticizers, latex and cadmium. They are ideal for children with allergies.
  • 98% of customers surveyed are satisfied with the performance of our filter technology and have noticed an improvement of tinnitus symptoms.
  • The high-fidelity sound insulation (SNR 24 dB) enables very good attenuation of loud noises, yet conversations (e.g. swimming instructors) are perceived normally.
  • The conically shaped design with 2 lamellae fits your ear and is ideal for small and medium-sized ears and for a prolonged use.
  • 100 times reusable for the sake of the environment.
  • Tested by independent German laboratories.


It’s that easy!

1. Select a Model and Place an Order

You can choose between seven different models and click on Buy Now.

2. Ear Measurement

With your smart phone, take a photograph of your left and right ear and upload it.

3. Confirm Order

After a successful ear measurement, you can confirm your order and pay.


Based on 1700 different tests and years of development, we were the first to have combined two technologies and thereby developed the AR KI Tech technology (click here). The latter offers a consumer an online ear measurement technology based on the computer-aided augmented reality (AR – measurement of the ear canal) and the use of artificial intelligence (KI – comparison of empirical values), so that the customer receives the perfect earplug:

  • The product offers you extraordinary solutions to minimize tinnitus symptoms
  • Unlike many other manufacturers, we have developed our current product in cooperation with our customers.
  • We are the first protection manufacturer of hearing-protection devices to introduce online ear measurement technology.

The earplugs from BOLLSEN Hearing Protection add huge value to your everyday life, so that the noises that our ears perceive as negative are reduced by the patented filter technology. The Watersafe+ earplugs for sleeping are ideal for:

  • swimming, swimming lessons, or while having fun in the water
  • swimming, sailing and pressure equalization
  • snorkelling, diving up to 3m
  • surfing and kitesurfing
  • sound suppression in indoor swimming pools
  • children with ear infections

Seize the opportunity and order your earplugs with a 40-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the results after three weeks of use (click here).

Not only are we specialized in the protection of your hearing, but we are also trying to improve the quality of your life with our product, which reduces fatigue and noise and can even alleviate tinnitus symptoms.

One Step Ahead – Especially in Recycling, Sustainability and Protection of Environment

We at BOLLSEN are constantly working on new ideas and solutions. As the number 1 on the market, our goal is to become an innovation leader and pioneer, especially when it comes to sustainability. The major goals we have set ourselves are in the areas of recycling, packaging and environmental protection:

By 2025, we will have become a CO2-neutral company

Low carbon footprint The responsibility for our planet and our environment is also largely in our hands. That is why we are working consistently and at high pressure to reduce our ecological footprint as best as possible. We rely on efficient production, the use of renewable energies and reusable products to achieve our 2025 goal.


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You can still hear very well. I even talk to friends at the edge of the pool while wearing earplugsand a rubber bathing cap.

Buy Here > Watersafe+

No, these earplugs are for swimming. The test winner model Life+ is more suitable for sleeping. Here is the link

Buy Here > Life+

This model is very good for jumping off a swimming block. Below is a customer review from Alice:

I swim several times a week and so far I have never lost an earplug in the water.

Buy Here > Watersafe+

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When you place an order at there will be no shipping costs for you.

There is always high demand for our products. However, due to extensive quality controls, we produce new products very slowly.

40-Day Money-Back Guarantee, should you not be satisfied with the result after three weeks of use. You can find the warranty terms and conditions here.

You can return the goods within 40 days of receipt.

The prerequisite for this extended right of return is that the goods are in their original packaging, including all accessories, and that a completed returns form is enclosed. Products must be sealed and unopened when returned.

The hygienic seal must not be broken. Please, take note of our General Terms and Conditions.

With your index fingers insert the earplugs carefully in the ears and rotate them slowly into the ear canal. Your ear canal will be protected immediately. You will hardly notice it because the earplugs are skin-friendly.

You can wear the earplugs as long as you want. Your ear canal will not be affected.

To be able to use the BOLLSEN earplugs 100 times, the product should be cleaned with a clean cloth or mild detergent (soap).

BOLLSEN Hearing Protection provides an average noise reduction (SNR) of 24 dB. The attenuation value was tested by independent laboratories according to ISO standard 4869. A constant sound reduction at high (H), medium (M) and low (L) frequencies: H=24 dB, M=21 dB, L=19.

The lifetime of the earplugs depends on the frequency of use. Regular cleaning extends the life span considerably. We recommend that you replace the BOLLSEN earplugs after four months of daily use, which is more than 100 times. Earplugs that are not used daily will last longer.

--> Buy here (click here)

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews

Amazing performance!! Complete protection against water when swimming, easy to use and comfy. Absolutely worth it!

Liz M.
A happy customer!

The earplugs are perfect - work well don’t fall out and easy to use. The service we got for the order was also brilliant. Can’t fault the whole thing. Many thanks.

Marine P.
Excellent product and service

Couldn’t be more pleased with the products, it’s comfortable and diminishes noise significantly. Service was great, I recommend using their AI to determine what size you need. I liked that the company assigns you someone who you can be in contact with directly if need be. I received my purchase very quickly. Great company.

Tam D.
Total ear protection when swimming

I have struggled for years when swimming, always getting water in my right ear, that seems to take an age to either come out or dry up.
After sending photos of my ears to Bollsen, I was a little sceptical as to whether these would work.

I can confirm they do, 100% watertight. No water in my ears at all. Brilliant. I will be using them every time 🙂

I can’t live without my Bollsen!

These ear plugs have given me my sleep back! I am now back sleeping through the night without being disturbed. I am so grateful for the sleep I have regained! And the ones with AR KI Tech are worth every penny extra!